Bespoke Hand Crafted Headstone's & Unique Cremation Artworks

Remembering the lives of your loved ones in a unique colourful way

mosaic artwork

The materials for the feature mosaic come from around the world – including the famous Orsoni foundry – Venice, Italy.
They include:
Vitreous glass – These are fired glass tiles made to a uniform shape and size.
Venetian Enamels – Tempered coloured glass.
Smalti – This is the classic mosaic material. It is opaque glass fired in large slabs in a kiln and then hand cut with a hammer and hardy chisel into small cubes. Their irregular finish makes them a wonderful reflector of light.
Gold smalti – This tile is made with real gold and silver leaf sandwiched between two layers of glass and fired twice in the kiln to embed in the metal.
Each mosaic is hand made – so no two are exactly the same.

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Cremation Artworks

A timeless way to ensure that the memory of your loved one – lives on.
Using a small portion of cremated remains, we create unique 23 karat gold leaf artworks in various designs to represent the life of your loved one. The artworks can then be displayed within the home.

The Heartstone Story

My name is Carol and I am a graduate of NCAD – Dublin and the Ravenna Mosaic School – Italy.  I have been communicating the stories of products and businesses for nearly two decades – yet my greatest design challenge came when something deeply personal happened.  My parents died three months apart, and I wanted to design a final gift for them, something artistic and durable – something they would be truly proud of.

Our Headstones

Made from precious materials like venetian enamels and tesserae with real gold leaf, to create a beautiful mosaic feature piece in crafted honour of your loved one’s.

“They Look Beautiful…. they ARE Beautiful”

Ray D'arcy




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